Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whose Phone Is It? #ObamaPhone debunked?

People are real fired up about this #ObamaPhone meme!

Conservatives are having a field day with the comments a woman made because she got an "Obama phone." She is going to vote for Obama and predicts Obama will do more. It illustrates for the conservatives the portion of the population that feed off the government largess at the taxpayers expense, and she shouts it loud and proud.

The liberal blogs are getting upset over the conservatives having a field day with the meme because there is no such thing as an Obama phone. They think the conservatives are stupid for perpetuation the meme.

There is no "Obama phone?" Technically it looks like there is not. The "Obama phone" has quite a history:
  1. Communications Act of 1934. President Franklin Roosevelt[tAW]
  2. The Lifeline program started in 1984. President Reagan[tAW]
  3. The Lifeline program expanded in 1996. President Clinton[tAW]
  4. SafeLink started in 2008. President George W. Bush[E][TP][FC]
The blogs debunking the Obama phone are calling the conservatives racist or stupid. Some are even claiming this is the "Bush Phone" according to the history cited above. They are trying to take a woman gloating about her government swag that will vote for Obama because of it and trying to turn it on the conservatives. Even twitter is trying to squash the meme by posting the Think Progress post about the meme at the top of the hash search for #ObamaPhone.

The conservatives' point is not that there is an "Obama Phone" but that this woman illustrates the awful 47% that can be bought off for her vote on government swag.

In the end, the liberals trying to make fun of conservatives over the Obama phone concept are really making fun of the Obama supporter whom thinks she has an Obama phone. And the conservatives are making fun of her for being proud of her government hand out.

However, do not worry about your tax dollars going to this program. It is funded by a charge on your phone bill called a "Federal Universal Service Charge." This charge is, of course, mandated by the government. So if you do not want to pay for these free phones you simply have to stop owning and paying for your own phone. As long as you pay for your phone, you are paying for hers.

Just to confuse matters a little more, the blog Jammie Wearing Fools points out that there is an Obama Phone website.

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