Monday, September 24, 2012

The Obama Campaign's YouTube Temper Tantrum

The Obama campaign has a skin as thin as Obama himself. They are like a crybaby in the schoolyard that doesn't get their way.

Here we have a video of Mitt Romney taken out of context. It starts with a clip of Romney stating that he was taken out of context and then cuts to a definition of "context." Really? the definition? Have they forgotten the interview Obama had with Stephanopoulos? Remember Stephanopoulos read the definition of "tax" and Obama said he was stretching?

Obama ends up showing he does not understand what a tax is because he thinks the definition of a tax is reaching, false, a far cry from what it really is.

Now the Obama campaign just mucks things up. Shows the definition of "context" then violates it. Then thanks Romney. And ... what? What is the point?

Candidates can say stupid things along the campaign trail. We know when Obama said he visited 57 states he meant 47. We just make fun of it because the press covered it up but would blare McCain gaffes as if it made him unfit for office. The only gaffer unfit for office is Biden. His are so numerous he must be a moron.

This "context" video is not a gaffe. It was planned and time was spent on it. It makes no sense and makes the campaign look like it is run by resentful tweens that were not invited to a birthday party.

But it gets better.

The video about Romney's tax returns complains that Romney has overseas investments. That's bad? It's not illegal. The U.S. economy and businesses are doing poorly. Wouldn't you put your money where it will grow?

Also, Romney is betting against the American dollar because he has invested in four other currencies? Not illegal. And it is not betting against the dollar but diversifying. America has had its credit rating downgraded twice! Why would you put all of your money in one basket? The Euro is also tanking. No one knows what currency will stay strong.

But Obama and his campaign would not understand this. Obama considered working at a business as being behind enemy lines. How could he be expected to understand the value of a dollar?

So the video goes on to complain that Romney has released only two years of tax returns. Take a look:

Didn't that just sound childish? Romney has complied with the law. He did what was right. But like a little crybaby the campaign complains "but your dad showed us 12 years, and H.W. Bush showed us 19 years, and ..." well, you saw. Are children running this campaign?

Have they forgotten about the fact that Obama has not released his school records? He was touted as one of the smartest men to ever run for president. Other candidates released their school records. It is a bit foolish to demand something of your opponent that you have not done for four years.

The video ends asking what is Romney hiding. Really? Obama's autobiography didn't even tell what really happened. His author bio said he was born in Kenya. He was in office for two years before he showed his birth certificate. What is Obama hiding?

Do you get the feeling the Obama strategy is based off of "I know you are but what am I?"

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