Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obama Supporters Want to put a Gun to Their Foot

Mitt Romney's idea of tax fairness is framed as greedy. The Obama campaign is putting class warfare front and center. They have people thinking that Romney is going to put the middle class on the chopping block so that millionaires can have it easy.

They didn't say it, they almost did, but you know they want to say to raise the taxes on the millionaires. But if they do that, who ends up on the chopping block with the millionaires?

Watch the video and think about it:

Investments. That is how Romney made his money. Capital gains are taxed at a lower level. So raise them to punish millionaires.

Who else would get hurt?

Retirees! If a retiree has planned their own retirement and invested in stocks they are at risk when you punish the millionaires by raising capital gains. The very people calling for raising these taxes are begging for a reason to work longer to save for retirement and do with less once they do retire in order to punish the rich.

The people also get hurt by raising capital gains taxes because it slows investment in companies. This slows growth of companies. This slows the growth of the job market.

Good job Obama campaign! I bet you could convince these people to cut off their noses.

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