Sunday, September 23, 2012

47% and no Change

By now you have probably heard the Romney 47% comments on hidden video. I have yet to see a nice continuous video to see the thing uncut. I keep hearing both sides spin what is being said. Even the Obama campaign.

The following video is the Obama campaign trying to make hay out of it and totally flubbing it. To me it sounds like when Romney talks about the 47% he means the 47% of voters who will vote for Obama no matter what. He goes on to generalize the type of people supporting Obama.

Some people say he is talking about the 47% that do not pay taxes. Are you kidding? If the people that didn't pay taxes were voting for Obama and only part of the 53% tax payers were undecided meaning most were for Romney this election is moot. There will be civil unrest as the tax payers rise up and revolt. First stop, the nearest Occupy demonstration to kick some 4$$.

But watch and the pay attention to the Obama clip in this.

You can't change Washington from the inside? Really. Wasn't Obama's message Hope and Change? But he got elected because of change. But what good does that do if you can't change Washington from the inside? It's a circular problem.

Then he cut taxes on the middle class and passed health care, i.e. ObamaCare? Didn't SCOTUS just call it a tax? A mandatory tax with a special separate penalty? That sounds like a raise in taxes.

And the people made ObamaCare happen? Not really. Remember all of the special exemptions? And now we know that Al Franken did not win the election because of all of the ineligible felon votes! That means there would not have been enough votes for ObamaCare if Franken's opponent was in office. For ObamaCare to pass some more "deals" would need to be made.

Obama is right. He couldn't change Washington. He had to make all sorts of special deals to get legislation passed. Does that sound like change?

But ObamaCare is popular among his supporters. In fact, Romney is correct in that Obama supporters depend on the government. In fact this "Vote Early" video has the supporter claiming that health care is a "right."

Wow. Doctors. You hear that? Everybody has a right to your services. You have to serve them under government decree according to the Obama supporters.

Yeah. This in no way sounds like socialism, dependence, or government force. But there are definitely victims. Doctors and tax payers.

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