Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fair Share Explained

The class war-fare that has been touted by POTUS has been sugar coated with the term "fair share." Aside from the fact that life is not fair, progressive have a different idea of what "fair" means. "Fair" means equal outcome, not equal opportunity. And equal opportunity means quotas of how many people of different ethnic and racial lineage you MUST hire or admit. It is not up to the manager to base decisions on a person's skills and talents but their genetic makeup and how it fits in the quotas.

Whittle distills the motivation down to one of our dark emotions: ENVY. POTUS plays off this envy to make some people think they deserve more and that others deserve less. POTUS does not believe people deserve the fruits of their labor. He believes they deserve what he says they can have.

If you enjoy Whittle's commentaries as much as I do, Watch him at PJTV and check out his new show the Stratosphere Lounge!

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