Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Awful 47%

#ObamaPhone was trending on twitter today. Was this a new meme to illustrate Obama's incompetence?


This is about a woman bragging about government swag. She's going to vote for Obama because he gave her a phone.

Sound familiar? Just in case you forgot, how about the "Obama is going to pay my mortgage and gas" clip?

Yes. It is that awful 47% Romney can not convince to vote for him. Obama wages class war and urges attacks on the income of the rich. Romney promotes indifference. Attack vs. Indifference. Who's the real awful one?

The Obama phone gal is really making me resent the 47%. Why should I pay taxes? I pay for my phone and everything else. Obviously I pay for her phone and everything else too.

The 53% are not doing enough, though. Especially the rich. Obama supporters will shoot their foot off just to tax the rich. They are so under the spell of class war fare that regardless of their situation they believe they are being screwed by the rich, not the government that takes their money, unless they are of the set that get the Obama phone.

Unions can no longer take its members dues and support political candidates that a member does not want them to support. Unfortunately the government can take your money and buy stuff for other people. As long as a candidate promises free stuff to one set of people while making another pay for it they will get votes. Some of those getting fleeced will actually go for it because they think it is compassionate.

However, government swag is not a gift; it is a set of chains; it is a burden of dependency. This clip of Alan Keyes that I saw at iOwnTheWorld explains it best:

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  1. The phones are a Bush program, but let's not let facts get in the way here.

    1. If so, then just another one of Bush's bad domestic policies.

      But then this brings up the issue of Obama's campaign promise of bringing down deficit spending, calling Bush unpatriotic for his deficit spending, and the Obama "blame Bush" mantra. This program should be stopped.

      Bush's fault for starting it. Obama's fault for not stopping it.

      Slimy on Obama's part for getting credit for what some people think is "good" when it is really Bush's program.

      Bottom line is that the awful 47% will vote for whomever will buy them stuff at someone else's expense.

      Awful Bush program. Awful 47%.