Friday, September 21, 2012

Why you should vote for Obama

First time around Obama was counting on tax money from 57 states. He's recalculated for 50 so everything should be cool.

Obama will extend the Bush tax cuts.

Romney will extend the Bush tax cuts.

Obama cares.

Obama is still black.

Even though the emperor has no clothes, don't worry. The press will cover it up.

If people get mad at us and attack us, Obama won't get us into a war. He will apologize for us for making them mad.

You don't have to build that anymore. Someone else can make it happen.

Foodstamps. You probably qualify now.

Disability. You probably qualify now.

Is keeping our country pristine by banning drilling for oil. But don't worry about lack of oil. He's giving other countries your tax dollars to drill for oil so that they can sell you some oil; thus, keeping our country pristine.

Trying to make Mexico more like America by promoting the 2nd Amendment. ( Fast & Furious )

Trying to make America more like Mexico by having more Mexicans. ( Illegal Status Forgiveness )

Protects the public against evil guitar companies.

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