Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Public watching the Government Food

Do you remember the girl who had her bag lunch taken away and was given a school lunch instead? It was because the government felt her parents did not give her a nutritious enough lunch. They also sent her home with the lunch her parents packed and a bill for the school lunch.

So how good is the school lunch? A Scottish school girl has a blog that rates her school lunches; it is called "Never Seconds." Her blog shows a picture of the meal and she rates the taste, portion size, and number of hairs found in the food.

The first reviewed lunches were embarrassingly bad and her blog has received a lot of attention. Since then the school lunches have been improving.

It would be great to see some American students doing this to see if the government lunch is adequate or not. After all, they are telling us what to eat and banning stuff we like!

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