Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Brown Bag Lunch Banned

Sometimes it feels good to be right; sometimes it is awful being right. This is the latter. Back in August I predicted the banning of brown bag lunches.

A four year old in preschool was told by a state employee the lunch she was packed was not nutritious; she was then given/forced a school lunch. Why wasn't the lunch packed for her nutritious? It did not have a vegetable. Why didn't she have a vegetable? She won't eat them unless she is watched, so she gets vegetables at dinner so that under supervision of her mom she will eat them; otherwise, like at lunch, they will go uneaten.

So what was packed in her lunch?
  • turkey and cheese sandwich
  • banana
  • potato chips
  • apple juice
What did the preschooler eat when the school lunch was placed in front of her?
  • 3 chicken nuggets
You mean she didn't eat her vegetables? Shocking! And in case you missed it, there was a recent story of a seventeen year old girl who had fallen sick because all she had eaten since she was two was chicken nuggets. Brilliant move nanny state.

Let's add insult to injury. The little girl brought a bill home for the school lunch along with her uneaten packed brown bag lunch.

I have kept this recap brief, so if I have peaked your interest please go follow the links.

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