Thursday, May 3, 2012

Climate Potpourri

Global Warming Causes Home Runs

Tim McCarver blames "climactic change" for an increase in home runs in baseball. It seems that it is "making the air thin" which makes home runs easier.

Trees Like Warm Weather

"Urban Heat Islands" are city areas that are warmer than surrounding areas due to their ability to absorb and radiate solar energy. The growth of red oaks was studied in Central Park ( Urban Heat Island ), Hudson Valley, and Catskill Mountains. This was to see how the heat would affect growth. To help discount other environmental factors, red oaks were grown in the lab mimicking the same varying temperatures.

The Central Park trees were in a much warmer environment and grew eight time more[tip]. Trees like the heat!

Wow! Imagine that! The people that invented green/hot houses that are warm/hot and humid were right! Plants like hot weather!

Even better than the heat I like this tidbit. The city air pollution has a high fallout rate of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a fertilizer.

Think about it ...
Air pollution acts as a fertilizer for plants.

Do the environmentalists know this?

How about this nugget of truth from the article. Trees experience a growth spurt in higher concentrations of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ).
Yeah. CO2, the very thing that plants need to survive will grow more if given more.

I'm pretty sure I already understood most of this before I was 13. Why are people studying this? Do they think the cold and low CO2 levels are beneficial to plants?

You Can Win An Argument By Arguing For Your Opponent

For decades, a small group of scientific dissenters has been trying to shoot holes in the prevailing science of climate change, offering one reason after another why the outlook simply must be wrong.

Over time, nearly every one of their arguments has been knocked down by accumulating evidence, and polls say 97 percent of working climate scientists now see global warming as a serious risk.
Well, "climate scientists" are the chiropractors of the weather industry.

And did you catch that? "... nearly every one of their arguments has been knocked down by accumulating evidence, ..." ?

That means not all.

The article[tip] goes on to talk about clouds and how no one knows how they play out and control the climate.

Boom! Done! you don't need to read a long arse article about how no one knows, but climate scientists "believe" that things will get warmer. But the trees are okay with that ( see above ).

So the article tries to frame the argument that clouds are the only point deniers possibly have. Unfortunately, as I have already stated, the article says "... nearly every one of their arguments has been knocked down by accumulating evidence, ...".

Again, that means not all.

I do like to cite sources as often as possible, but I want to get this posted. So this is from memory; you can go look for the sources yourself. Research never hurt anyone.

Valid points against the fear of global warming:
  1. Computer models showed warming but it has NOT occurred over the past 10+ years.
  2. CO2 levels and heat show a correlation except the rise in CO2 is 700 years behind rise in temperature.
  3. Trees like warmer weather.
  4. Trees like CO2
  5. 70's scare was global cooling. How were scientists that could get man to the moon but were not able to predict climate, but today's scientists that can't get to the moon can predict the climate? Please!
  6. On a geological scale this ice age recovery has been the coldest with the lowest CO2 levels.
In the end the climate change believers think they have won more arguments than the deniers. It does not matter that their computer models have failed.

If you want my opinion ... the climate is changing. It is always changing. It is never static. We were taught that change is constant in science class.

The problem is that there are those that want you to think that it is humans changing the climate. Do we? Yes! Of course! So do the plants! The Oceans! The sun! The moon by controlling the tides!

We are all part of a great ecosystem. The problem is that climate scientists think change is bad and not a part of life.

Do not be afraid of change. It is unavoidable. It is an adventure.

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