Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kill Jobs - Los Angeles

California is really good at killing jobs. In the middle of a recession, Los Angeles is going to ban a product in the name of stopping littering. What product?

Plastic bags.

What is more ridiculous is this was already done in San Fransisco and it had zero impact on reducing litter.

So a factory that makes these bags may need to layoff 20 to 130 employees. And the bureaucrats that heard arguments against this ban likened the factory to buggy and buggy whip makers. Their thinking was that when the automobile came around that these buggy producers would want to ban the automobile so they could keep their job.


Buggy and buggy whip makers were not legislated out of existence to make way for the car. Consumerism did that.

If there was a replacement for plastic bags and it was better, it would force its way into the market. But there is no such product. LA is just going to make plastic bags illegal. That is like making buggies and buggy whips illegal before the car was invented to pave the way for cars.

My head hurts. See the video below if you don't believe me.

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