Friday, May 11, 2012

Made in the USA? NO! South Carolina!

Do you remember the story from a year ago when Boeing built a factory in South Carolina and the National Labor Relations Board sued and blocked Boeing from opening up the factory? The issue was S. Carolina is a "right to work" state which means you do not have to join a union. The law suit had been filed because the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers were upset about the new factory not being built in Washington like Boeing's other factory where you must join the union.

Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS, AFP/Getty Images / 2012 AFP

However, did you ever hear that the suit was dropped?

Neither did I.

The Machinists convinced the NLRB to drop the suit after they secured a new contract with Boeing.

Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS, AFP/Getty Images / 2012 AFP

So Boeing is operating their South Carolina factory. On April 27th Boeing rolled out their first aircraft created at the SC factory. With all the trouble Washington state, the Union, and the feds gave Boeing, I just love the fact that they did not stamp the plane with "Made in the USA" but instead:

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