Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama Admits Green Cannot Succeed On Its Own

On May 24th Obama gave a speech at TPI Composites, a company that makes blades for wind turbines. Obama talked about how companies that help in the production of clean energy need tax credits.

Here is a quote of Obama talking about the need for Congress to pass these tax credits:
If Congress doesn’t act, companies like this one will take a hit. Jobs will be lost. That’s not a guess, that’s a fact. We can’t let that happen.
Did you catch that? He told the people that their company cannot succeed without help from the government. That's not a surprise. Solyndra went under even when it was given help.

If the technology is good, it will succeed without government help.

Some of you will bring up the fact that oil companies get tax breaks. You will complain that they shouldn't get them. And I agree. They don't need it. However, Obama should also stop being combative against oil. It works and is cheap compared to "clean" and "green" energy. has an additional article about a DuPont plant that opened in Ohio that produces solar panels. One of the workers was asked what he liked about his work. His reply was:
just being a part of a team that really cares and wants to get the job done.
Ahhh. It's so tingly! They care. And isn't that the thrust of the clean and green, to care. Screw established cheap efficient energy. That stuff doesn't care, but solar and wind do.

Gag me with a spoon!

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