Monday, May 7, 2012

Farting Causes Global Warming

Scientists are blaming dinosaur farts for global warming. They did this by scaling cows up to the size of dinosaurs and calculate their methane output.

Did you catch that?

Link cows to dinosaurs. Link dinosaurs to global warming. Conclusion : cows cause global warming. We need to stop eating meat. Also, instead of using CO2 for the argument they use methane.

Of course you need to ignore the fact that all we have of the dinosaurs are the bones. Scientists don't know if dinosaurs had scales or feathers. Yes, feathers. It is a new theory.

You have to ignore that dinosaurs have a reptilian digestive track, theory, and cows have a four stomach mammalian digestive track.

Ignore all that we don't know about dinosaurs and just say they are the same as a cow and you can start a trend to ban one of our food sources.

Scientists believe that when dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic Era the Earth was 18°F (10°C) warmer. There is no mention of what they think the CO2 levels were nor the methane levels. Methane levels were calculated because cows are the same as dinosaurs and they know how many dinosaurs lived in the past.

Obviously there is good news. Regardless of how they try to make the link between cows and dinosaurs and global warming, the era of the dinosaurs was much warmer and they did not burn fossil fuels. Why was it so much warmer back then without all of our evil progress and technology?

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