Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cake Declared Illegal

The government is way out of hand in Boston. Yes, we want our kids to have healthy lunches, but the Departments of Public Health and Education want to ban whole milk and white bread. That really hits on a fine line of defining healthy and nutrition. Isn't pizza made on a type of white bread? Will pizza get banned?

So officials are expanding their control over food served from students at lunch time to being a 24/7 enforcement in the school. This means bake sales are illegal. The PTA can no longer sell or auction cakes at the school because they are not healthy.

Could it get any crazier?


State officials want to ban banquets and door-to-door candy sales that act as fund raising for the school. Really? You can't sell candy off of school grounds? Do they think people are selling candy bars as if they were a whole meal?

So here is what the state officials want:
  • No whole milk
  • No white bread
  • No cake
  • No candy, on or off school grounds
  • No banquets, on or off school grounds
In other words ...


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