Monday, May 14, 2012

Angela's note to the President : a Commentary

The following is a letter from an Obama supporter on the Obama site. My commentary is made in blue when necessary.

Angela's note to the President

By Lauren Peterson on

"I was part of the energy that sparked a movement to get you elected. A "movement," not a campaign? A "movement" to change America? I believed in everything you said in Chicago that night about change and hope. I thought it was "hope and change." I know you had a mess to clean up in Washington upon your arrival Blame Bush., and as an uninsured American I was waiting patiently for Obamacare. She had no intention of correcting her insurance problem herself? She intended on waiting for government? I graduated from grad school during the recession and still can’t find full-time employment No kidding. Neither can a lot of people., but cried during the State of the Union when you proclaimed the worth of teachers and educators. What? "I like teachers." Boo hoo! Really?

"Now, as a lesbian woman who 'married' her partner of nine years last July (technically a civil union), I am just so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, about being married? Are you looking for government to make marriage/civil unions less "overwhelming?" I believe in you He's a man, not a god. and always knew that you are a fair and just man who cares about all Americans—not just those at the top Have you not been listening? He hates the top! He wants to destory the top. He is promoting class warfare., but all of us who are trying desperately to have some peace and live a decent and modest life." You will not get peace if he has his way. The government telling you that you must buy a product is not living in peace. The only peace you will have is when the energy market is destroyed and you will have nothing to power your iPod.

—Angela, Illinois

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