Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zero Message

Remember the "Congress to-do list?"

For as silly as a sticky note campaign may be, he defined a clear message. So he keeps hammering these points, right?

No. But he should. As you view the White House website, it appears in the margins a lot.

So what did he talk about the following week? He demonized Wall Street and banks. Called for Congress to move forward on reforms, not back. Don't let the banks make the rules, as if they didn't have any regulations.

The following week was the Memorial Day weekend, which was what he focused on and that is fine.

How about the next week? He gave a speech at a Honeywell manufacturing facility in Minnesota that was all over the place, but it did touch on four of the five points. He didn't talk about the veteran's job corps, but mentioned Honeywell was hiring veterans and so was the government. He pushed his jobs bill and shovel ready jobs ( construction ), although he doesn't call them that anymore. Because the speech is a mess and all over the place, there simply is no clear point to it. It reads like political talk.

After coming so close to being on message last week, did he clarify and get on message, on plan? No. What did he talk about? Teachers. Congress needs to make sure that no more teachers are laid off and the teachers we've lost get rehired through his jobs bill. His jobs bill was mentioned last week along with the kitchen sink.

The one common thread Obama does is to tell Congress to do something; he tells Congress to do what he wants. Then Obama will turn around and say these problems are bigger than politics, his solutions are bi-partisan, and Congress has to do something.

This election cycle Obama is going to paint Romney as a rich man buying the election and the bad economy is due to a do nothing Congress. However, in the end, Obama still has no straight forward vision.

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