Friday, June 29, 2012

Cursing on Obama Campaign Blog

By today's standards the word "damn" is not a shocking curse word, but you still don't want your kids saying it.

Do you want your President saying it? It depends.

If the President said "we need to catch those damn terrorist" that is fine. If the President says "the damn public doesn't know what's good for it" then it is inappropriate.

Well Obama has to win the "damn election." You know. That inconvenient process where the people vote for him. I went to his campaign site to see if he was crying for money again and saw this cursing front and center.

Classy. That is exactly what you want your kids to think of when they think of the President. A foul mouthed present stealer.

ObamaCare has come out in Obama's favor, but they are still complaining. Is the campaign being run from a Junior High School?

How many classrooms do you think might be doing projects on ObamaCare today? You know they will go to his campaign site. How many second graders are now going to be talking about the "damn election?"

Stay classy, POTUS.

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