Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crazy Grants : June 29th

Civil Society Forward in Serbia $7,000,000
Giving money to another country so that they can become civil. Really? This is a good way to spend money?
Tibet Education Project $2,000,000
Money to pay for the education of Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal. Again, education money for other countries. I thought our education system needed more money.
Wild Horse and Burro Training, Adoption and Marketing Project $40,000,000
Train wild horses and burros and give them up for adoption.
Wild Horse Partnerships for Eco-sanctuaries on Private Lands $2,500,000
Create a partnership with private land owners to provide a sanctuary for wild horses.
Cooperative Agreement to Support Establishment of the Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Exchanges $0
No money to establish Health Care Exchanges according to the Affordable Care Act.
Land Ethic Leaders/Green Fire $100,000
Make a documentary about about famed conservationist Aldo Leopold and his land ethic ideals.
Effects of Grazing on the Endangered Autumn Buttercup $25,000
The tasks to be performed under this agreement are as follows: The primary objectives of this project are to determine whether small mammals are preferentially grazing on the buttercup, or if grazing and/or mowing is making a more suitable habitat for the buttercup by decreasing plant competition, and/or if grazing and/or mowing are making a more suitable habitat for buttercup by decreasing small mammal habitat.
International Collaborations in Organismal Biology Between US and Israeli Investigators $2,500,000
Study biology. Literally. That is all it is.

Today's Total $54,125,000

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