Monday, June 18, 2012

Barack Watch

What a weird little bit of derp I see today on Obama's campaign site.

A couple days ago the campaign made a posting "Romney in a Landslide?" It is based off of a quote from Time magazine talking about how the Republicans feel the election is going. Time says that Republicans think the election will not be close and Romney will win.

Obama's campaign response:
This election isn't going to be a landslide in either direction, and nothing is even close to being over.

That's right. The country is evenly divided. Even if Obama wins they are admitting ahead of time it will not be a mandate.

Now let's bring money into this. Quote from the same posting:
We're facing a tough political climate and an opponent who will stoop as low as he needs to—backed by a billion dollars pledged in outside-group spending.

Trying to be an underdog again. Romney has a lot of money. Remember just over a week ago Obama's campaign said that they were out-raised for the first time since 2007? Being out-raised in only one month in the past five years makes Obama a financial underdog? Please!

Next we have a family for Obama.

At least they didn't put bulls-eyes on this family photo. The Q&A is just unbelievable. It is like a Bill Maher monologue without sarcastic twisting or trying to be a joke. They like Obama Care, the stimulus package, and they blame Bush.
Are you wondering about that "Not a Republican" bumper sticker? Found out that is was a freebie offer from It is no longer available. Maybe it gave voice to Libertarians?

This posting from Weasel Zippers is a must see. It shows a photo from the Obama campaign and its amazing lack of diversity.

Forget diversity. Wasn't Obama supposed to bring us together? Or is he separating us? Let's take a look at his merchandise in just the bumper stickers. There is no unity sticker. It separates people into groups to show their support: Jewish, veterans, asian, nurses, evironmentalists, latinos, hispanics, African Americans, pro-choice, and women. Ten different flavors of Americans ( but LGBT is missing ). How are you different instead of just American? I could be shut up on this pretty easily if there was an "Americans for Obama."

Is it racist of me to point out that black ink was not used for the "African Americans for Obama" sticker? Probably since I am not a Democrat.

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