Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Arrested For Using Their Hands

Four men in Iowa were arrested for catching catfish with their hands. One of them was also charged for fishing without a license.

Apparently only one man did not have a license. Other than that you can fish, but don't use your hands. Really? It is illegal to use your hands.

Again. The government says it is illegal to use your hands to fish.

The Department of Natural Resources took the fish they caught, their boat, their motor, the trailer for the boat, and went to the home of one of the fisherman and took catfish fillets he had there. Again, went to his home and confiscated property.

Chances are those fillets are going to go to rot. If they are doing this to feed themselves, think they might do this again since the government took away their food AND possessions?

Economy is in the crapper and the government is confiscating food because they used their hands.

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