Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Successful Student Punished

Anthony Cornist is a popular student on the football team. At his school's graduation ceremony his family, students, and staff cheered for him. He was denied his diploma because there was too much cheering.

He can still get his diploma if he performs 20 hours of community service. He doesn't have to do all 20 hours if his family helps and makes up the difference in the service.

Just last week a girl was jailed for missing school because she had to work 2 jobs to support her brother and sister because her parents are absent from the home. Now a student is punished for something other people did. Is cheering no longer protected free speech?

UPDATE : Mother arrested in a separate case of cheering at graduation

This time in South Carolina a mom was arrested, spent several hours locked up, and had to post a $225 bond to go home. Parents were told they would be asked to leave if they clapped. Shannon was arrested for cheering.

First amendment? What first amendment? Shut up and do as your told!

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