Saturday, June 16, 2012


By now you've heard everyone complain or praise Obama about banning the arrest of illegals that came here when they were young. I'm not weighing in on that on this post, but I am using it as a launching point.

Some of those illegal aliens may have no memory of coming here or what their homeland was like. America may be the only thing they know. They must have some sort of odd and hollow feeling about that.

How do you fill that hole?

Come to Eco Alberto's Illegal Border Crossing Theme Park!

Come on down to Eco Alberto. We,re just 100 kilometers south of the US border. We've lost 90% of the population to fence hopping. Why do that? For the thrill? For jobs in a dying economy? And all the time you might get shot or end up in jail?

Forget that!

Here in Eco Alberto we've got a 7 mile long simulation of crossing the border. We'll pack you in pickup trucks. We'll run through the mud and tunnels. And if you want something extra, you can confront one of our "acting" border guards and get a little roughed up!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

It's only 250 pesos. That's just $20 American!

Come on over and cross the border the fun way!

[ Not kidding. This is real. ]

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