Saturday, March 31, 2012

Screw the Earth

Yeah. I said it. Screw the Earth.

Today at 8:30pm is "Earth Hour." Turn off all of your electricity. Light a candle. Why? Climate change, or global warming awareness, or some horse hockey like that. Show how freaking sensitive you are by turning off your lights. Gimme a break.

What has the Earth done for us? Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, tornadoes, droughts, and volcanoes. Check out this list of death tolls by natural disaster. And you feel like man is a threat to the Earth?

Screw the Earth.

Do you want to make the Earth a better place? Use electricity! It improves YOUR quality of life and produces CO2. Do you know what likes CO2? Plants! Without it, they die! Without plants, we die! Plants are food. I like food. Bring on the CO2.

Screw "save" the Earth mantras. My selfishness is helping it.

Save the Earth. Really? You cannot save the Earth. Some day the Sun is going to burn out, explode, or cease to exist at any beneficial level. Then where will the Earth be? Dead. That's where. Before then, the Earth might get hit by a global killing asteroid. In fact, tomorrow an asteroid will be passing by relatively close.

We need to get off of this rock. To do this we need to invent. We need to produce and use energy. But what is happening?  Bass-ackward morons are trying to limit use. People tout wind and solar. What good is wind technology going to do for you in space? What good is solar when you leave the solar system? These people are dooming us to stay earth bound and die with the Earth.

You cannot save the Earth. You can only save yourself.

Do you want to know what I am going to do at 8:30? I'm going to go outside, dig a modestly sized hole, and then guess what I am going to do.

That's right.

Screw the Earth.

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    Environmental extremists lie. A warmer Earth with more CO2 in the atmosphere actually causes the biosphere to THRIVE.

    If you check history, you also find that humans and human civilization thrives during the warm times and struggles during the cold times.

    Plus you find that the cycle, at least in relatively recent history (the last few hundred years) is about 60 years or so long - warming for about 30 years, cooling for about 30 years.