Monday, March 19, 2012


Yeah. No thanks. Mantyhose at Maybe e-masculate and e-ffeminate was too straight forward. But as of this posting they are available!

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  1. Are you mad at us? I could have easily cruised through my life and right into the graveyard with some semblance of contentment and balance had I never seen this post.

    But now I might as well go sledding under a bus.

    I mean why not? My brainpan has been seriously dented and all that fucking teen angst I thought I had suppressed is coming back up to the surface.

    WHY WOULD YOU POST THIS!?!?!?! Can't you see that the very idea of men in hose, mantyhose as you so eloquently put it, kills puppies and causes small children to cry? Don't you realize that even now, some poor dumb bastard is wiping snot off his upper lip and crying into the wind as he contemplates jumping off the golden gate bridge?

    All because you had to go and post the fucking mantyhose story.