Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Bad News Is ... And The Bad News Is ...

The bad news is we are running out of money, that is the government is running out of money. This example goes through showing how if we get rid of what we think government is, we still do not have enough money. The problem is entitlements.
The bad news is Bill Whittle also talks about this problem. He shows how Paul Ryan is presenting a budget to get us out of this mess. Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, admits we are in trouble but doesn't like Ryan's plan. The Republican controlled House passed Ryan's plan and the Democratically controlled Senate voted it down.
The real bad bad news is we may not get responsible officials the next election cycle to fix the spending problem. Why? If you did not make the connection from the first video, Bill Whittle explains in this video who's votes are really being bought, and it is not lobbyists or corporations doing the buying.
So what is the real bad bad bad news? Even though Whittle says we need Ryan's budget, Nick Gillespie disagrees. Gillespie says that it still won't be enough to save us. Regardless of how much of a political compromise Ryan's plan seems to be, political compromise is still a losing choice.
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