Sunday, March 11, 2012

Contraception : I Give Up

I give up! I didn't want to do this, but it will not go away.


What a non-issue. So why am I finally making a post about this? Just came across this video at Weasel Zippers:
Look at the logic train wreck that women's rights has become. Stay out of my uterus, or "reproductive rights," which means abortion ( killing babies ). The government and other people should have no say in the reproductive rights of other women, but they should pay for it.

Now, over the past few weeks, the argument is birth control, contraception, needs to be covered by insurance. In fact the government will make it illegal for insurance not to cover it. At first it was a religious issue because it goes against the Catholic faith. Now it is a women's health issue which is construed as women's rights.

One of the arguments was it is soooo expensive or extremely hard to get. It may be easy enough to buy Uranium, but contraceptives are really hard to procure, I think, or we've been told. ( Can I get the government to buy Uranium for me? )

Here is an in depth look into buying contraception:
Regardless of all of this minutia of being a reproductive right, or about women's health, or women's rights, it violates everyone's rights when the government dictates what must be purchased.

What is wrong?
  1. It is unconstitutional, illegal, for the government to tell people to buy something.
  2. It is unconstitutional, illegal, for the government to tell a company what it must buy.
  3. Making people buy insurance that must buy items for another person is forcing person A to buy something for person B.
If someone comes up to you and makes you buy something for them against your will you can call the police. It is called theft. It does not matter how compassionate people try to make it seem to be, but no matter what the item is, the government is violating the law when they make you buy something for someone else.

Forget all the health issues. Your rights are being violated in favor of someone else's rights.

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  1. We all have a choice. Don't make it sound too complicated. For health issue it is the right of women to choose what contraceptive is best for her.

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  2. Did I make it sound complicated?

    Is anyone denying a woman the choice of contraceptives?

    If I was unclear, I should not pay for someone elses possesions. Buy them yourself.

    I think I just argued with a SpamBot.