Monday, March 5, 2012

The Penis is in the Details

Four he-shes and a drag queen walk into a bar. This is not a joke, but a story.

Alex Borrego, one of the he-shes in question which are female to male transgenders, was denied discounted drinks on "Ladies Night" at Bishop Tavern & Lounge. Her driver's license lists her as female and she presented it at the bar as proof. She was outraged that she didn't get discounted drinks.

If you want to be a man, expect to be treated ... wait.

Let me go fetch the original article.


Curse you CBS TAMPA!

It is amazing how the context of a story changes when you fail to be specific. Those of us that are happy with what we are born with are easily confused by the transgender community. CBS Tampa does list Borrego as a transgender woman and mentions she was with three female to male transgenders. Little did I know that those are different.

The lexicon of the transgender community, believe it or not, does not concern most of us. You need to be specific and use similar terms throughout your story.

Borrego is a male to female transgender he-she. Borrego is listed legally as female. I don't care if he-she is listed as female; does Borrego have a penis?

Believe it or not, many of us think that makes all the difference in the world.

After the incident Borrego mounted an online protest. The bar then issued an apology on facebook. Borrego said she accepted the apology and will take down the protest page.

I understand that the bar apologized because it is good business, but transgender issues are confusing to those well rooted in their genitals. Anyways, shouldn't a private business be able to decide what is a lady when they are giving out discounted drinks? If a woman, a woman born a woman to be clear, is acting obnoxious, couldn't she be denied a drink because she is not acting like a "lady?"

To finish, here is a quote from the original story:
Despite the apology, Borrego said she has no plans to be a return customer at Bishop Tavern and Lounge.
Yep. Borrego seems to act like a female.

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