Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hill Street Blues

"‘Oregonian’ editor, 63, dies after sex with 23-year-old"

For some reason this article flooded my mind with the episode of "Hill Street Blues" when Sgt. Phil Esterhaus died making love to his wife. I also reflected back because when "Hill Street Blues" first aired I was preteens. I remember I really liked the show, but what was a kid my age doing watching that show?

Bob Caldwell, the room temperature senior of interest, was cheating on his wife. So do not romanticize the situation. However, here is the scene that announces Sgt. Phil Esterhaus passing.
There is another scene that I cannot seem to find. If my memory serves me correctly, later in this episode Renko asks if the Sergeant "died in the saddle." If you can find that scene online, please comment with the link.

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