Monday, May 20, 2013

Department of Energy to give technical assistance on burning Wood and Poo Poo?

Maybe I am reading the post wrong at the Department of Energy, but this does not sound like "Clean Energy."

The DoEnergy is giving technical assistance to five Native Alaskan and Native American tribes on clean energy projects. All of them raise my eyebrows.

Chugachmiut Regional Corporation
The corporation plans to replace a local, community-scale hot water distribution system with a new energy-efficient biomass plant, which will use local wood to generate power for community buildings in the Native Village of Port Graham.

Wood? The only way I know how to use wood for energy is to burn it. They need technical assistance to burn wood? And how is that clean or environmentally friendly? You kill trees and put smoke in the air!

Ho-Chunk Nation
The Ho-Chunk Nation will receive technical assistance with the development of a one to two megawatt biomass waste-to-energy plant. The plant could potentially use municipal solid waste, agriculture waste or other biomass resources to offset tribal facility energy costs.

Municipal solid waste will be used for energy. Wow. When I think of clean energy I don't usually think of poop.

Then the remaining tribes get assistance on solar energy. I probably don't need to remind you the government's success rate when they are involved in solar energy.

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