Sunday, May 5, 2013

Solar Cells for a Dark Village

Just got to love how the government keeps throwing money around while they complain about the sequester.

Up to $250,000 is available to five different Alaskan Native villages each for "clean" energy improvements. Yeah. $1,250,000 more is planned to be dumped into "clean" energy because the government has such a good record on its energy policy as of late.

Here's one of the specifics laid out in the blog post.
Native Village of Minto will receive assistance to identify energy efficiency, biomass, and solar energy opportunities.
Did you catch that?

Alaska, which probably needs more energy in the winter to heat their homes than energy for air-conditioning in the summer. Do you need air-conditioning in the summer in Alaska? Just asking.

So money will be dumped into solar energy for a village when their most energy critical needs are in the winter when the sun doesn't even rise.

Yeah. I have no idea how our government keeps losing money on solar energy with their super smart choices.

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