Friday, March 29, 2013

The Sequester has not slowed down the Dept. of Education

It isn't even funny anymore. The Department of Education has been bemoaning the sequester but keeps announcing new spending. They did it again this week.

The Department of Education continually wants more money to improve low performing schools. Unfortunately, because of the union, firing low performing teachers will never be the solution. So good teachers will continue to accelerate their students under these initiatives while the DoEdu scratches its head why these new ideas don't work when bad teachers implement them in a half-donkey way.

The DoEdu's ADDITIONAL spending so far under the sequester.

Date Project Amount
February 25 Improve lowest-performing schools $15,000,000
March 7 Baltimore School Shooting Recovery $35,000
March 11 School Improvement Grants (SIG) $69,600,000
March 27 2013 Investing in Innovation Competition $150,000,000

TOTAL $234,635,000

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