Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spike the One Billion Sequester Mark

Remember the sequester? The Department of Education remembers it and has blog posts about how it will hurt education and the kids. However, the DoEd just simply ignores its ramifications and spend, spends, spends.

Where is all the hurt I have heard about?

We now have $370 million for "Race to the Top-Early Learning" competition to get kids ready to learn or as the post said "close the school readiness gap." So this is money not even to teach but to get kids ready to learn.

The post is really interesting in that it brags about the billions it gets in Obama's proposed budget. But we cannot count proposed money. But we can laugh at its absurd levels.

The most recent DoEd post announced $474.5 million in spending. Somehow it is to make college workers skilled for the factory. Uhm ... 'scuze me?

Factory workers need to be skilled tradesmen. Skilled. But we keep pumping on book knowledge and not skills. In other words, we don't train people to work with their hands anymore.

Our education system has been turned upside down thinking a society needs only book learned people. If you cannot conform to a cubical, screw you.

But really, ...

We are giving up money to undo the eduction of people to be smart enough to not work in factories to learn the skills to work in a factory. Are you kidding me!?

This is the DoEd at work.

Date Project Amount
February 25 Improve lowest-performing schools $15,000,000
March 7 Baltimore School Shooting Recovery $35,000
March 11 School Improvement Grants (SIG) $69,600,000
March 27 2013 Investing in Innovation Competition $150,000,000
April 16 Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge $370,000,000
April 19 TAACCCT $474,500,000

TOTAL $1,079,135,000

Really? During the sequester we have tripled announced spending at the DoEd in one week over the previous months.

There is no sequester people. Only vampires about sucking your cash.

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