Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Third time the Dept. of Ed. announces spending during the Sequester

Twice I have pointed out that the same day the Department of Education complained about the sequester they also announced new spending.1 2 I thought this recent post was a follow-up to the first one I caught because both posts are about under performing schools. I was wrong.

The first post was about $15 million to be awarded to low performing schools. This recent post was an announcement of eleven states to receive money to turn around low performing schools, but the amount does not total $15 million. This is the list of awardees and amounts:

Connecticut$3.6 million
Kentucky$7.7 million
Maryland$6.8 million
Minnesota$5.5 million
Mississippi$6.1 million
New Mexico$4.1 million
Ohio$20.2 million
South Carolina$7.4 million
South Dakota$1.5 million
Utah$3.4 million
West Virginia$3.3 million

Total$69.6 million

There isn't any hurt going on during the sequester.

1 2

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