Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh No! The Sequester! Shhh! We're Spending : Part II

Again!? Are you kidding me!?

Once again the Department of Education freaks out about sequestration, but the post before it is about spending new money.
"Oh. But Screwy Puppy! This is money to heal for a shooting!"

Puhleeeeeeze! The shooting was in August and it is now March. Too late.

First, no one died. Second, any help needed was psychiatric, not monetary. And if the money is to reimburse for those services, too late again!

This is an amazing example of help coming too late. Federal assistance IS NOT AGILE! This means if you want to help you need to be there immediately. Not six months after. If there was not enough money to hire counselors and psychiatrists to help when it happened then now it will be more expensive to cure scaring of those that did not receive help.

It seems the moral of this Federal Folklore is "take a shotgun to school and shoot someone to get more money for your school." Fill it with rock salt so there is no tragedy in the end. Just money.

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