Monday, April 22, 2013

Bite Me Earth Day


So, ... here I am drunkard at my keyboard. A slight bit of research underhand that I slide back to the dealer. I don't care.

Get me off this freaking rock.

It seems that environmentalism is to keep all current species at a lock. No one evolves or dies out. How stupid is that!?

Survival of the fittest. It is how nature works but is evil when applied to the economics of people. How dare those that provide what people want make money! They should do it out of charity! Just as the doe should offer her neck to the wolf the corporation should offer its bank accounts to the consumer.

However strangely the corporation does. Investment! Through stocks the common people can invest and suck dividends out of a company. Yes. People suck.

Evil companies. People work for them, invest in them, and buy their products.

If you want to facebook, twitter, blog, or email someone you have complied to an evil corporation, or several corporations. Why not just send a simple letter? A hand written letter that goes by physical travel powered by petroleum?

Face it. If you want to be a part of this world you have to be a cog, if even part time. No one knows true innocence in it. Nor can one achieve it without going into forgetful oblivion.

The earth is not dying, nor are we. Change is happening. Extinction is change. So is the birth of a new species. We discover new species all the time. How many are recent evolutions, how many are old secrets?

Environmentalists are just a reflection of the old codgers they claim that conservatives are. Strange. Environmentalists want to conserve the earth. Conservatives want to conserve the eco-politico system. The outsider would say neither want change.

But change is inevitable.

Conservatives are trying to fight man changing things. Environmentalists are trying to fight nature changing things.

Cry and bite all you want that man is changing nature, but if nature did not invoke change itself, I would ride a T-rex to work instead of a car.

Suck it environmentalists. All species die. New ones rise. Why fight it?

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