Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bob's Apathetic Gay Anger :: or :: Marriage is Gay, Good Luck Women!

Once in a while Bob does a rant that is lack luster. It is not because he doesn't care but the topic is so worn out it is passé. It is like beating a dead horse, but you wouldn't want to do that. What would "Taco Bell" put in their taco's then?

After the President evolved into gay marriage because his Vice President came out for it before him makes there being a gay athlete as ho-hum as wheat bread. I'd say white bread but it is almost more scarce, or at least has definite less consideration.

And how sad is that? When Obama promised "Hope & Change" when he ran against McCain he chose a "partner" every bit as white and old as McCain? And he came out for gay marriage before Obama!

It's not like marriage was defined to slight homosexuals. Society did that. Society and religion shames man into marriage because you are not a man if you shirk your responsibilities.

God took a rib from man to make a woman. He never took another portion of bone(r) to create another special friend.

Even more crazy is that religion finds a place for polygamy, not homosexuality. Religions are against homosexuality.

Fine. We will move against our moral constructs. Part of the moral construct, polygamy, is still considered illegal, but we will legalize part of the immoral construct?

So her we are. Gays should get married?

Woman: I'm pregnant.
Man: So?
Woman: Shouldn't we get married?
Man: That's soooooo gay!

Yeah progressivism!

Don't worry. Government will step in place of the Dad and provide. But then again, wasn't that already a growing problem?

Aren't we just exasperating the problem now?

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