Monday, July 18, 2011

Religion Mocked by Austrian Driver's License

Austrian Niko Alm won the right to wear religious headdress in his driver's license photo and then mocked the religion! Niko claims he is a Pastafarian but wore a colander on his head. Blasphemy!

I know as a Pastafarian I should remember we embrace contradictions, don't take ourselves seriously, and we have no strict rules, but what of the beautiful pirate regalia? After winning such a legal battle why choose an accessory that is not recognized as a part of our garb? Is he mocking us?

Just as the cross was used to crucify Christ, can't the colander be used to trap and dry out the creator? Why would you turn to a symbol that destroys your center of faith as a symbol of strength? That makes no sense! ( I AM TRYING to embrace the contradiction. )

Maybe I am too conservative and want to hold onto traditional values. Maybe I just fear change.

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