Friday, July 15, 2011

Marilyn Monroe's White Lace Panties

In Chicago a 26 foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe was erected recreating the subway scene from "The Seven Year Itch." It looks like it is beautifully done, but nothing is left to the imagination.

If you do a search on the web you can find several examples of other artists recreating this scene as a statue and yet still keep the tease factor intact. Does a tease factor keep a piece exciting? Even after you have checked a piece to find out you do not get to see what is hidden, do you come back to the piece to get teased?

The 26 foot Marilyn just puts it all out there. Since you get to see what is usually hidden does this statue become a bore? Does it lose its enticement after the first view? Would you rather be teased?

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