Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learning Teaching is too Hard

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Government regulations are a burden on private industry. It costs money and can make no sense. If you defy the government you get fined or go to jail.

But if you are employed by the government, you just might defy their regulations; that is, government defies government. It turns out that teachers in Idaho feel it is unreasonable to get 100% proficiency in math and reading, so they simply will not do it.

This should not be surprising. To get lazy about teaching would be to make most of the learning happen at home, with homework. How does it get worse than that. Don't assign homework so that it does not get figured into part of the grade.

Don't teach in school. Don't teach at home. Are there no standards?

Believe it or not, there is hope, and in the most hopeless city: Detroit. The citizens voted that there could be no preferential treatment for college admission based on race, sex, or national origin. Basically, in Detroit, smart is smart. Dumb is not elevated on non-cerebral qualities; the same qualities behind previously mentioned topics. But the government is fighting the public will because it considers it unfair for one race to be as smart as another.

These are muddy waters. Throw in unions and what have you got? Unions have become parasitically destructive instead of symbiotic. The recent noise in Wisconsin shows how the unions are destructive to education by supporting seniority over quality.

Weed out the federal government and unions from education. Keep politics local. What a novel idea; the neighborhood interest is the neighborhood's interest.

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