Friday, July 22, 2011

Green Disincentives

Hybrid and electric car purchases have increased enough that the incentives to buy one are disappearing. Tax credits are gone and now, in California, the incentive hybrid owners could use the car-pool lane without car-pooling is gone.

The increase in plug-in vehicles is not only losing incentives but will eventually affect us all. They add a burden to the power grid.

Now they may provide a reason for the government to watch us. The decline of gas purchases means the loss in revenue in gas taxes needs to be recovered. Oregon has experimented with a GPS mechanism that can track how many miles a driver travels and charging the owner per mile.

This is insane! Why a GPS system? You odometer counts your miles. Why do we need to be tracked?

Doesn't matter. GPS systems are part of your car now, by law. Can't do anything about it. They will watch you.

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