Monday, March 4, 2013

The Government Doesn't Create Jobs, It Destroys Them

Remember the Buckyballs' controversy from the summer? Remember how the Consumer Product Safety Commission was suing because a few kids swallowed magnets? Even though the product was not sold in toy stores and marketed to adults and came with warnings not to swallow?

Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, LLC, the Buckyballs company, mocked the lawsuit with some startling facts about beds, stairs, tube steaks, hippos, and coconuts. The blogosphere and conservative sites all bemoaned the lawsuit. And then ... ?

The issue has been closed, and it has been closed for a while and I missed it.

The message you get when you go to the official BuckyBalls' site is as follows:
On December 27, 2012 Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, LLC (the "Company") stopped doing business and filed a Certificate of Cancellation with the Secretary of State of Delaware, thereby ceasing to exist pursuant to applicable Delaware law. The MOH Liquidating Trust has been established to deal with and, to the extent they are valid, pay, to the extent assets are available, certain claims which have been, and may later be, asserted against the Company. If you believe you have a claim against the Company, please click on link below to obtain the Proof of Claim form which you must complete and submit to the Trustee of the MOH Liquidating Trust. If the Trustee determines that a claim is valid, the Trustee will pay that claim, to the extent assets are available, in accordance with the terms of the MOH Liquidating Trust.

Yes. Buckyballs is officially out of business.

How did we miss this? They were gone in December! A Christmas gift going away! Well, they closed in December but the announcement was early November. That means in the final throws of an American election the press were silent on the closing of an American company due to the government frivolously pursuing them in the middle of an American recession, or is it a depression now?

So this means that we can no longer get Buckyballs, right?


There is a place to get them online: Buckyballs Club. Cool! The government didn't win, right? Well, go to the about page and look at the bottom and see the prominent shipment carrier: China Post.

This means I checked the site and got a "WhoIs" from The result is the site is owned by a Chinese company.
3/F.,HiChina Mansion,No.27 Gulouwai Avenue
Dongcheng District,Beijing 100120,China
Basically we can not buy Buckyballs in stores now, but can get them online. We will no longer buy them from an American company but a Chinese company.

And this administration has been complaining about the sequester and how it would cost jobs? Federal jobs, yes. But do they care about private sector jobs?

I don't know. Maybe it is just too dangerous for Americans to sell magnets. It is much safer to buy them online from China. Tax day is coming up. Pay your taxes so they can make jobs.

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