Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Lock yourself in your homes people. If you go out and interact with other people you are eventually going to have to apologize for you existence.

Recently golfer Keegan Bradley apologized for a habit that he does before he takes his shot. He was actually unaware that he does it. What was this horrid habit? He spits.

A couple other golfers spit during the tournament, but Keegan seemed to be the only one people were offended by.

If you haven't heard about this yet you're hearing it now. Hillary Clinton can be just as embarrassing as Obama when posing for a photo. Can you see the error of her way?

Final item is screwiness averted. The case of PETA suing Sea World on behalf of Orcas has been struck down. PETA plans to continue this suit, but that's just silly.

And speaking of silly, the Daily Show did a good job of making fun of the suit.
And just because this is a PETA story, here is a meat laden video from Epic Meal Time.

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