Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chevy Makes Cigarettes?

Wouldn't it be great if everything was electric?
Some things should be electric and some things should not. There really is nothing wrong with someone wanting or having an electric car, but it does have many drawbacks. A few months ago there was a story how an electric car caught on fire two weeks after it was in an accident. It was probably the battery that caused that fire.

Anything that uses batteries can have a potential hazard of heat or explosion. It is just the way batteries work.

So unfortunately there has been a horrible accident where someone has lost all their teeth and part of their tongue. Someone who used an e-cigarette after they quit smoking had it explode while in use.

People will always have bad habits. One has to wonder if the e-cigarette would have been invented if it wasn't for all of the anti-smoking propaganda. It seems to be more of a substitute for public smoking than a way to quit. The nicotine gums, patches, and therapy were about before the anti-smoking hysteria. The e-cigarette seems to be more of an eF-you to anti-smokers allowing smokers to smoke, but it has eF-ed back.

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