Monday, February 13, 2012

No 'MoveOn', It Does Not Make Sense

I like to point out some of the idiocy at because they are just a logic train wreck; no matter how horrible it is, the fascination forces you to stare at the wreck.

MoveOn is railing against small government. Click on the screen-capture posted below or go to the MoveOn page.
As MoveOn writes : "Does this make any sense?"

Welfare is a big government program. The government drug testing citizens at taxpayer expense sounds like a big government program. And yet MoveOn relabels this as 'Small Government.'

You're right MoveOn. You don't make sense.

Here's another little gem. The page is a bit too big for a screen capture, so I've linked to the content.

Let it sink in and do the math.
The Math
98% of Catholics are women.
2% of Catholics are Bishops.

Seems legit.

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  1. You have to remember that liberals use "the new, new math", that is they make up whatever numbers they think will most convincingly make their argument. NOTE how in both these cases they pulled 98%/2% out of their rear ends? Coincidence?