Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Hyprocisy


Occupy Wall Street is to what? Defy Wall Street? Defy Capitalism?

The #OccupyWallStreet movement was driven by an internet campaign. Without capitalism, this campaign would not have had legs. Capitalism made the technology that gave the ability to organize and record this campaign.

What about food? Donated! These people did not plan ahead of time to feed themselves and other people are doing it! It is just like living with Mummy and Daddy except outside. Oh yeah, and protesting Mummy and Daddy's prosperity.

Where would these people be without their G3, G4, or G5 phones? Their WiFi?

Where would they be without Capitalism to push the boundaries of "We can give you the most for less money?"

How poor are the poor? How deprived are they? What about this?
So what!? The poor get poorer and the rich get richer, right? Is this video a lie?
You're only young and dumb once. Don't become old and dumb too.

The vigor you have in your young age enables you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps into the upper-economic strata.

How dare you you expect to be wealthy straight out of college. School is not hard work. School work gives you a certification of knowledge. Then you get to work hard.

Sometime after thirty you will get to see rewards.

If you are twenty-something, STFU!

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