Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Obama Hates Artists

The Obama re-election campaign has a contest for artists to design a poster promoting Obama's Jobs Bill. There will be three winners. What do they win? An autographed copy of their poster.

Really? Obama wants artists to do work for him and the compensation is their own artwork. No money. A job is doing work for someone and receiving compensation, ie. money. Heaven forbid anyone gets compensation for doing work on promoting the Jobs Bill.

What if you do not win? Look at the Submission Terms. Your artwork, name, and address can still be used by the campaign to promote the Jobs Bill and his re-election without any compensation.

Why don't we trust Obama? Why don't we like his Jobs Bill? He does not understand what a job or real work is.

By the way Obama, artists sign their artwork, not you you arrogant Marxist.

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