Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Funny OccupyLocation Signs

Here are some funny OccupyLocation signs. [ Original Site Link ]
This is why we are confused about what is the protesters' message, or is it messages? The only empty suit is Obama. If this is the equivalent of being a Liberal Tea Party wouldn't you want to speak more favorably of Obama?

Yes. A real war would be funded with money. However, to go along with this point, wouldn't this mean we would shoot the poor? Liberals are so mean!

I am sooo tired of this OccupyLocation stuff. Every conservative blog keeps poking fun at this diarrhea of stupidity. I am getting tired of watching people shoot fish in a barrel. Now I'm doing it! Can't wait for the first frost that sends them all home!


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  1. In the top picture, I believe those are young Republicans (note the elephant on the shirts). They have infiltrated and the stoned out fleabaggers are too spacey to notice that the signs mock them.

    You can also tell they are Republicans by their wholesome, clean-cut good looks. No big glasses, long stringy greasy hair, torn and dirty clothes and above all--goofy facial expressions.