Friday, September 23, 2011

Three Presidents Walk into a Bar

Over at is a post about former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson stealing a joke from Rush Limbaugh. As the readers have noted in the comments, before Rush said it we all saw it on twitter with the #AttackWatch hash.

One of the comments mentioned that very few people make their own jokes. We all may say witty things, but I made a quick attempt at a joke in response. I am reposting it here.

Clinton, Bush(43), and Obama walk into a bar and order drinks.

Clinton orders a “blowjob.”

Bush says “I shouldn’t drink, but what the heck, I’ll have an ‘Iraqi War.’”
Bartender asks “What’s an ‘Iraqi War?’”
“Keep pouring me shots. But I don’t know when to have you stop.”

Obama says “I’ll have a ‘Jobs Bill.’”
Bartender asks “What’s a ‘Jobs Bill?’”
“Pour me a shot, take it away, charge me for the shot, and fire an employee.”

Maybe you can improve this. Post a response here if you can make it better.

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