Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weg van Nederland

Leave it to a liberal mindset to come up with a perfectly good idea and screw it up with a liberal twist.

The Netherlands are tightening their immigration policy. They are ending their venture in multiculturalism. It may sound crazy if you live in the U.S. or some other "enlightened" country, but the Dutch expect you to know how to speak Dutch and accept Dutch culture and values. Heaven forbid we in the U.S. expect people to know English so that they can communicate with those around you!

Running side-by-side with immigration is political asylum. There are immigrants in the Netherlands seeking political asylum that are being deported; this is the basis of a new game show.

"Weg van Nederland" is a game show that pits immigrants that are being deported against each other for "parting" prizes. The contest deals with answering questions and cultural tasks pertaining to the Netherlands. What is the liberal twist? The contestants picked for the show are the most integrated individuals to the Dutch culture they could find so that they can poke a finger in the eye of the stricter immigration stance the country has taken.

Wouldn't it be more fun to pick immigrants illiterate in the language and/or culture and have them compete? Don't you just cringe when you watch "Jay walking" with Jay Leno? Wouldn't you want to highlight you are deporting this type of ignorant immigrant; the 600,000 people who don't speak proper Dutch and are mostly unemployed?

Is it appropriate to promote change in regulations to allow hundreds of thousands of people with no interest in respecting your country to allow a few who do?

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